Soda Beverage Co2

In addition to providing beer gas, systems servicing and expertise, Airgas also provides beverage-quality CO2 for soda systems. There is no more excuse for pouring ‘flat’ soda to customers. We help clients serve refreshing, high-quality soda beverages to their guests on a daily basis. Airgas will deliver and service your CO2 cylinders, while evaluating and recommending optimal gas quantities for your soda systems that may lead to cost savings. Not every restaurant, ice cream and yogurt shop, or bar, may need bulk CO2 cylinders for their soda beverage systems. Airgas also provides smaller, more cost-effective alternatives that better meet your operational needs.
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CO2 Cylinder Packs

CO2 cylinder packs (a.k.a. ‘Small Packs) are the perfect solution for smaller restaurants, bars, delis, yogurt and ice cream shops and others who may not have very large sales in draft beer or carbonated beverages. So many of our current clients were using bulk CO2 for years, simply because their beverage gas vendor told them that’s what they should have. Your business can save thousands of dollars each year, by allowing Airgas to evaluate your usage trends we’ll help you to determine the right solution for your business. Learn more.


Grow Your Draft Beer Profits

Draft beer systems installed and maintained by Airgas achieve over 90% yield and drastically reduce waste.
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